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Danny Holt outlasted the rain and 21 other drivers to take the checkered flag in the Modified feature Saturday night at Heartland Park Topeka.

Veterans Gene Claxton and Billy Robison finished second and third in the Modified "A' main, while Tyler Schmit and Kyle Covert rounded out the top five.

Brian Neiberger made it to victory lane in the Champ Modified division, followed by Mike Eisenhut, Marty Grist, Lance Lincoln and Derek Huffman.

Terry Schmidt was Saturday's Factory Stock champion, beating Steve Herrick, Josh Henery, Shane Wettengel and Jake Conley to the finish line.

Dylan Whitehead continued his hot streak in the Hobby Stock class, with Rod Michael finishing second, Dan Canady third, John Fleury fourth and Zachary Henery fifth.

Super Showdown Dirt Series

Saturday's feature winners

Champ Modified

1. Brian Neiberger; 2. Mike Eisenhut; 3. Marty Grist; 4. Lance Lincoln; 5. Derek Huffman; 6. Danny Trimble; 7. Jay Bailey; 8. Max Grogan; 9. Rusty Trimble; 10. Josh Everhart.


1. Danny Holt; 2. Gene Claxton; 3. Billy Robison; 4. Tyler Schmidt; 5. Kyle Covert; 6. Robert Shepard; 7. Ryan Phillips; 8. Jim Hernandez Jr.; 9. Tim Prochnow; 10. Scott Herrick.

Factory Stock

1. Terry Schmidt; 2. Steve Herrick; 3. Josh Henery; 4. Shane Wettengel; 5. Jake Conley; 6. Josh Stevenson; 7. David Samuels; 8. James King; 9. Tyson Young; 10. Richard Jameson.

Hobby Stock

1. Dylan Whitehead; 2. Rod Michael; 3. Dan Canady; 4. John Fleury; 5. Zachary Henery.