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Topeka Modified driver Danny Holt doesn't care about points, but he's piling up a bunch of them nonetheless.

The 26-year-old racer is currently a solid fourth in points despite missing some races earlier in the 2009 season.

"I'm not racing for points,'' Holt said. "We've missed something like three shows out here. The first of the year we were up in like seventh and then we had to sit out a couple of weeks because we had motor problems.''

Since his return, Holt has been strong week-in and week-out.

"That (the missed races) knocked us clear back to 12th or 13th and we're back in (fourth) now, but we don't care about points,'' Holt said. "It's just racing. We just race.''

Holt will race whenever and wherever the spirit moves him.

"Back in '06 I think we raced four or five different tracks throughout the year,'' Holt said. "We just go racing. If you can afford to go do it, go do it and have fun.''

That's been Holt's philosphy since he started racing in the Grand National class back in 1999 when he was barely 16.

And in a decade of racing, Holt's never been any stronger than he's been this year.

"From '06 to '08 we built our own cars, along with a guy by the name of Steve Hawks, who was a main part of it,'' Holt said. "This year we decided to go with a different car and try to learn more about the technology. One of these days we might be back to driving a home-built car, but this thing here is doing good enough as it is.

"The car we've got now is a car that everybody says won't work on this type of tires. The guy that builds (these cars) is out of Illinois and they race on different tires there, but we're doing pretty good with it.''