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In his younger days, 33-year-old Topekan Lance Lincoln stoked his competitive fires as a wrestler.

"I wrestled at Shawnee Heights and I wrestled three years in college,'' Lincoln said. "Then I decided college wasn't for me. I wasn't going to be a white collar worker, I was more of a blue collar guy, which is where I find myself out here in the dirt, working on things.''

And although his wrestling career is long behind him, Lincoln still enjoys competition and has been racing for more than a decade,

"My dad had raced a little bit back in the '70s with his nephew. When I quit college and got my job and finally had money I started racing and it's just kind of grown since then,'' said Lincoln, who works for Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad.

"With me I find that it's not so much me against the other drivers, as it is me against that track. I want to go as fast as I can on that track and if I pass people in doing so, that's what we're supposed to do. If I beat the track and master my car then I've beat the people I needed to beat.''

Linxoln has been on top of his game this summer in the Champ Mod class in Heartland Park's Super Showdown Dirt Track Series as he chases his first championship.

After a second-place finish Satuday, Lincoln now leads fellow Topekan Marty Grist by 32 points in the Champ Mod standings.

"Excellent, the best year we've ever had for sure,'' Lincoln said. "I think in my Factory Stock I ran in the top 10, but not very high obviously compared to what we're doing this year.''