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There's still two rounds to go and a multi-time champion in on his heels, but Emporia Josh Stevenson took another step towards the Factory Stock championship Saturday night at Speedway.

Stvevenson, who ended the night with a 12-point lead over Topekan Shane Wettengel, and protected his points lead with a win in the feature. Wettengel kept the pressure on by rallying to a second-place finish while Topekan Shaun Still finished third.

"I'm just gong for the best finishes I can get,'' Stevenson said. "I try not worry about it and let it eat me up. I've just got to run the best I can and things will take care of themselves.

"I just concentrate on myself and let everybody else do ther own thing.''

Topekan Halderman claimed Saturday's Modified feature victory, beating Darren Fuqua (Topeka), point leader Ryan Phillips (Osage City), Scott Brown (Meriden) and Mat Stallbaumer (Tecumseh) to the finish line.

Bobby Penney of Lawson, Mo. won the Champ Mod feature Saturday, with Welda's Justin Boots second and Topeka's Brian Murphy third.

Berryton's Zachary Henery was the Hobby Stock winner, while Still was second and Topeka's John Bass finished third.

The final two point races of 2009 will be held on back-to-back nights Sept. 25th and 26th.


Saturday Showdown Dirt Track Series

at Heartland Park Topeka

Saturday's results

Champ Modified

Hwat 1 -- 1. Rusty Trimble, Kansas City, Kan.; 2. Derek Huffman, Topeka; 3. Richard Prochnow, Pomona; 4. Rick Dreasher, Hoyt; 5. Lance Lincoln, Topeka.

Heat 2 -- 1. Ray Maloney, Iola; 2. Danny Trimble, Eudora; 3. Bryan Hey, Baldwin; 4. Jeff Davis,Topeka; 5. Brandon Mitchell, Topeka.

Heat 3 -- 1. Brian Murphy, Topeka; 2. Bobby Penney, Lawson, Mo.; 3. Shane Golden, Perry; 4. Rich Boyden, Topeka; 5. David Chambers, Yates Center.

Heat 4 -- 1. Aaron Hilderman, Topeka; 2. Marty Grist, Topeka; 3. Justin Boots, Welda; 4. Mike Eisenhut, Topeka; 5. Mike McGinnis, Topeka.

Feature -- 1. Bobby Penney, Lawson, Mo.; 2. Justin Boots, Welda; 3. Brian Murphy, Topeka; 4. Richard Prochnow, Pomona; 5. David Chambers, Yates Center; 6. Shane Golden, Perry; 7. Rusty Trimble, Kansas City, Kan.; 8. Danny Trimble, Eudora; 9. Curtis Dreasher, Hoyt; 10. Jeff Davis, Topeka.

Factory Stock

Heat 1 -- James King, Americua; 2. Eric Weyer, Centralia; 3. Bob Troutwine, Topeka; 4. Jerome Thomas, Grandview Plaza; 5. Josh Stevenson, Emporia.

Heat 2 -- 1. Josh Henery, Overbook; 2. Carl Boyette, Ozawkie; 3. Shane Wettengel, Topeka; 4. David Samuels, Topeka; 5. Brandon Crockett, Rushville, Mo.

Feature -- 1. Josh Stevenson, Empooria; 2. Shane Wettengel, Topeka; 3. Shaun Still, Topeka; 4. David Samuels, Topeka.

Hobby Stock

Heat 1 -- 1. Zachary Henery, Berryton; 2 Dylan Whitehead, Overland Park; 3. Shaun Still, Topeka; 4. Dan Canady, Topeka; 5. Pat Streeter, Everest.

Feature -- 1. Zachary Henery, Berryton; 2. Shaun Still, Topeka; 3. John Bass, Topeka; 4. Dylan Whitehead, Overland Park; 5. Pat Streeter, Everest; 6. Dan Canady, Topeka; 7. Darren Davenport, Tecumseh; 8. Rodney Walker, Easton.


Heat 1 -- 1. Josh Everhart, Burlingame; 2. Ryan Phillips, Osage City; 3. Joey Selbach, Silver Lake; 4. Mike Ross, Amercus; 5. Darron Fuqua, Topeka.

Heat 2 -- 1. Allen Henery, Emporia; 2. Robert Shepard, Ogden; 3. Jake Richards, Kansas City, Kan.; 4. Allen Halderman, Topeka.

Heat 3 -- 1. Steven Bowers Jr., Topeka; 2. Nic Bidinger, Perry; 3. Scott Brown, Meriden; 4. Todd Wichman, St. Marys; 5. Kyle Covert, Topeka.

Heat 4 -- 1. Cody Agler, Emporia; 2. Mat Stallbaumer, Tecumseh; 3. Kyle Stallbaumer, Tecumseh; 4. Ed Mueller, Admre; 5. Max Grogan, Basehor.

Feature -- 1. Allen Halderman, Topeka; 2. Darron Fuqua, Topeka; 3. Ryan Phillips, Osage City; 4. Scott Brown, Meriden; 5. Mat Stallbaumer, Tecumseh; 6. Jake Richards, Kansas City, Kan.; 7. Nic Bidinger, Perry; 8. Kyle Covert, Topeka; 9. Cody Agler, Emporia; 10. Robert Shepard, Ogden.