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Looney Wins 2nd MLRA Feature In A Row, Familiar Face Wins Pure Stock & 3 Features Postponed

Mother Nature can be a very fickle woman from time to time. Last night at HPT.Com Speedway she played a game of cat and mouse with the employees, the fans and the racers. In the end, Mother Nature ended up with the upper hand forcing the postponement of several races.

The day got started with a bright outlook. Local forecasters were calling for partly sunny skies and a high of 75 degrees. Most of the day it was cool and foggy and by the time the races rolled around rain had slowly crept into the picture.

It was a special night at HPT.Com Speedway. The Lucas Oil MLRA brought in over 40 cars to the track looking to compete for the title. One hundred and sixteen cars total checked in to race. All the stars were lining up.

Heat races were completed in all of the regular weekly series classes; Casey's General Store Pure Stocks, Washburn Tech Modifieds, White Line CDL Factory Stocks and the Super 8 at Forbes Landing B Mods.

A couple of classes on the night finished their portion of the event. The Lucas Oil Latemodels and the Casey's General Store Pure Stocks got through their entire portion of the show.

In the MLRA finish it was Brad Looney taking home the win on Friday night at HPT.Com Speedway. Looney battled John Anderson down to the checkered flag and for the 2nd straight week it was Looney who collected the win.

The only other class to complete their portion of the show was the Casey's General Store Pure Stocks.

Nine cars started the A Feature, but only one of them would take home the win.

Steve Stewart appeared to be starting off the way he finished a week ago, with a win. Stewart jumped to the top spot and looked to be pulling away. That is until Henery started closing the gap.

Just as the race was about to hit the halfway point, Henery had caught up to Stewart. The two racers went side by side for a few laps before a bad break would relegate Stewart to the back of the field.

The nose of the car driven by Stewart had fallen off his car on to the track. Having something fall off your car during a race is a bad omen. In this case the bad omen was the fact that he was sent to the rear.

Henery looked to take command of the feature and the yellow flag seemed to be all he needed to win. Randy Kohn might have had a different idea.

Kohn also made most of the opportunity on the restart. He jumped to 2nd place. He would knock on Henery's door, but it just wasn't meant to be. Henery would go on to win. It was the 14th time in victory lane for Henrey's ride since last season.

Kohn held on to finish 2nd, AJ Christian threw another top 5 run with a 3rd place finish, 4th went to Jimmy Millard and rounding out the top 5 was Daniel Canady.

Casey's General Store Pure Stock Heat race was hauled in by Henrey.

Next week the 3 features postponed will be run first and then next Saturday's show will begin after the conclusion of the makeup A Mains.

Next Saturday night the BriggsAuto.Com Super Saturday Showdown Series will continue with the features to be made up and another complete show all in one night.

Tickets for next Saturday's event can be purchased at the track or online at At the track ticket prices will be $10 per adult and children 12 and under will be $5. When fans order online they will get tickets at a discount. Online tickets for adults will be $8. and children 12 and under will be $4.

Spectator gates will open at 5:30 p.m. and hot laps are scheduled to start at 6:15 p.m.

Heartland Park Topeka - "Where the best come to play!'

Casey's General Store Heart Race Winner

1. Dylan Whitehead

A Main Results
  1. Zachary Henery
  2. Randy Kohn
  3. AJ Christian
  4. Jimmy MIllard
  5. Daniel Canady
  6. Darren Davenport
  7. Steve Stewart
  8. Tanner Allensworth
  9. Dave McLaughlin Jr.

Super 8 @Forbes Landing

Heat Race Winners

Jack Frost, Brian Murphy, Bryan Rigsby, Mike Eisenhut

A Main Lineup For Next Week 4/16

58 John Grist - 73 Truman Asher
41 Christopher Dishong - 15 Seth Schroer
11 Mike Higley - 77 Dylan Whitehead
45 Dustin Thulin - 66 Max Grogan
2 Mike Eisenhut - 21 Jack Frost
1M Brian Murphy - 12B Bryan Rigsby
71R Richard Prochnow - 55 Tyler Frye
65 Aaron Hilderman - 93 Shelby Calderwood
5 Billy Shepherd - C4 Curtis Dreasher
00 Marty Grist - 61 Jesse Shotts
32 Darren Robinson - 11c Bryan Hey
1 Derek Huffman - 12M Danny Masters

Whiteline CDL Factory Stocks

Heat Race Winners

Henry Mabe, Matt Field,

A Main Lineup For Next Week
1n1 Bob Troutwine - 220 Jeff Miller
42c Terry Coder - 15 Leif Weyer
72 David Samuels - 11W Gerald Wahwahsuck
c15 Eric Weyer - 5K Steve Herrick
44 Henry Mabe - 68 Matt Field
97Z Zachary Henery - 21 Buddy Garcia
07 Frank Jaynes

Washburn Tech Modified

Heat Race Winners

Josh Everhart, Cody Agler, Mark Dotson, Chase Junghans

Makeup Feature Lineup

97J - Josh Henery - 66T Tyler Schmidt
63 - Derrick Brown - 87 Darron Fuqua
97 - Allen Henery - 4J Jake Richards
85D - Mark Dotson - 77 Cody Agler
21J - Josh Everhart - 18 Chase Junghans
68 - Kerry Davis - 7D7 Kyle Covert
04 - Jay Bailey - 7 Corey Burch
39 - Luke Driskell - 22 Bill Robison
3B - Nic Bidinger - 57 Anthony Tanner
7J - Justin Johnson - 42 Sam Florence
41G - Buddy Grandstaff - 777 Steven Bowers Jr.