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Dave Wilson's 2000 Camaro does the job on the street and is also doing the job on the dragstrip.

"It is a work in progress,'' said the Overland Park racer, who competes in the Sportsman and Street divisions in Heartland Park's E.T. Bracket Racing Series. "I ran it out here not last year but the year before and then last year I was getting the transmission and the engine and everything rebuilt so I was just racing whatever I could borrow -- my brother's pickup, my dad's '55 Chevy, just whatever I could bring to the track.

"This year I've got (the Camaro) back out again.''

The Camaro is doing the job, with Wilson making it to the finals in both divisions in the early going.

Wilson said he has no real reservations about taking his primary street car to the race track.

"When I had the motor rebuilt and everything I had them step it up a little but I left it real mild,'' he said. "I told everybody involved that I wanted a hot street car but I also want something I can run to the race track and run laps all day long and not hurt anything. It's a real mild combination.''

Wilson is in just his second full season of racing and said that he is having a blast.

"My dad did this a lot when I was a kid.'' Wilson said. "Following him around as a kid I kind of got into it and I've come to the Nationals to watch every year since this track opened.''

Wilson eventually tried his racing luck in his family’s pickup.

"My second race in it I won, in a 17-second pickup, but even going slow it was great.''

In fact, that’s something that Wilson loves about bracket racing, that there is a spot for every type, and speed, of vehicle.

"It's a competition of drivers and not a competition of money, which makes bracket racing to me really good,'' Wilson said.

"I can bring out a slower street car and my wife (Tiffany Walters Wilson) can bring out her stock Rav-4 and we can compete.''

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