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Repeat Winners Visit Victory Lane During Summertime Celebration at HPT.Com Speedway

opeka, KS. (May 29) ˆ Fireworks were promised to the fans in attendance at HPT.Com Speedway on Saturday night. Fans didn't expect to see the fireworks display until after the races, but instead they were treated to them early as the races took on a life of their own during the night.

It was just a few weeks back when Darron Fuqua knocked down 2 feature wins in the Washburn Tech Modified division on the same night. Since then it has been hit or miss from the youngster from Topeka, KS. Saturday night at HPT.Com Speedway it was another hit as he scored his 3rd win of the season.

At the start of the race Fuqua went a little to high in turn 1 and lost some momentum, but after gathering himself back up he was able to get by Chris Morgan to take the lead.

""I had my hands full from the get go," said Fuqua, "the car was too tight, there's holes getting into the corners and I had to hit the holes to get the car to turn."

As Fuqua found himself at the front of the pack, he had to hold off a hard charge from Justin 'Whitey' Folk.

Folk had been shuffle led back during a restart but, somehow, managed to work his way back up to the leader. He put a charge on Fuqua late. The two drivers gave the fans plenty to cheer about. Folk raced Fuqua hard, but in the end couldn't over power the 3 time feature winner.

The win was a shot in the arm for Fuqua. In the last couple of weeks he struggled with mechanical problems that took him from the points lead. He now finds some momentum to turn his season back around and head back towards the top of the class.

"I hope so, we are going to take her home and write everything down and come back strong, I hope," said Fuqua.

Another 3 time feature winner in 2011, Steven Bowers Jr., raced his way to a 3rd place finish, Cody Agler drove to a 4th place finish and rounding out the top 5 was Chris Morgan.

The Super 8 at Forbes Landing Factory Stock Feature event might have last 15 laps, but all the fans remembered was the last corner. It was one of the wackiest finishes ever in the BriggsAuto.Com Super Saturday Showdown Series history.

Joshua Mulich's racing career has spanned a total of 4 weeks. Yes, it's true. Mulich has been racing for a grand total of 4 times in his career. Fans of HPT will remember just a few weeks ago when the youngster stuffed his ride into the turn 3 wall at HPT.Com Speedway. Saturday night he looked like he had been racing for years.

Mulich took to the lead in the early part of the feature event.

As the cars behind him were jockeying for position, it allowed him to scoot away from the field and amass a lead. Dave Samuels, a multiple feature winner in the class was on the move towards Mulich and he was on a mission.

Samuels had been roughed up early in the race. A couple of cars had gotten into him in turns 3 and 4 and it resulted in a loss of track position. The #22 of Mulich was one of the cars that forced Samuels up high on the track. This wouldn't be the last time the two would be near each other during the feature.

As Mulich took the white flag, Samuels had made his way to the leader. Heading down the back stretch, Samuels headed down low to take advantage of lapped traffic. Mulich had to come down to avoid the lapped traffic to keep pass with Samuels. As the two entered the corner, Mulich made contact with James King. Mulich then made contact with Samuels.

It was at this point that things resembled a video game.

Samuels almost loss control of his ride and went to the bottom of the race track. Mulich used King to keep his car straight. When the two drivers exited turn 4 contact between the two sent Mulich spinning and Samuels went on to win his 4th feature event of the season.

"We just kept all the air in the tires tonight," said Samuels, "hey, it was a great race. We got shuffled back at the beginning but we were able to run him down. Lapped traffic kind of played a factor in this for him (Mulich) we got together and I am going to have to look at the tape before I talk to much about the end of that race because it's still a blur to me. I feel like I just closed my eyes and come out of it in the end."

It was a wheel-to-wheel, door-to-door action packed event, that the fans expect to see at HPT.

Tyson Young finished in 3rd spot, Zach Henrey celebrated another good finish in 4th and rounding out the top 5 was Matt Field.

In the White Line Training CDL B Mod Feature, Dalton Kirk raced to his 3rd feature win of the season. It was an impressive feat and it turned out to be a great race for the final 6 laps, unfortunately the great racing was overshadowed by the fact that it took 30 plus minutes to get the first 4 laps in.

Once the battle got under way at the front of the pack, Dalton Kirk and Brian Murphy locked horns with each other to the checkered flag.

Kirk, is the new kid on the block that is racking up wins, while Murphy is the defending champion. It was a dream match up from a fans perspective.

The two drivers went toe to toe in the remaining 6 laps. At one point the two made contact, but each driver showed the other the respect that was needed to complete the race.

In the end it was Kirk getting the win with Murphy 2nd. Fans can expect these two to clash more in the coming weeks. At the end of the night's racing, the two drivers are currently deadlocked for the points lead in the B Mod division.

Jack Frost drove from 10th to 3rd in the main event, Richard Prochnow held on for a 4th place finish and Dylan Whitehead, who had a long night, earned a respectable 5th place finish in the feature.

The hot driver of the season at HPT.Com Speedway has to be Zach Henrey in the Casey's General Store Pure Stock division.

Saturday night, Henrey, rolled to his 5th win of the season in his division. Not only is it the most wins in his division, it's also the most wins of the season in any class at HPT.

Starting from the 5th position it didn't take Henrey long to find the front of the pack. Once he took the lead, he wasn't to be denied.

Two weeks ago after his 4th win, his engine was claimed. Saturday night it meant that Henrey had to find a new power plant to put under the hood. The combination of the power plant and the driver behind the wheel landed the youngster in victory lane.

Randy Kohn continues to celebrate a great sophomore season in 2011. Kohn finished runner-up to Henrey in the feature, Millard, racing the motor claimed from Henrey, finished in 3rd, 4th went to Dan Canady and the newlywed, Sandy Tanner, took home a 5th place finish as a honeymoon gift.

The action heats back up again next week at HPT.Com Speedway. The BriggsAuto.Com Super Saturday Showdown Series continues with race number 9 on the season.

Washburn Tech Modified Feature Results
  1. Darron Fuqua
  2. Justin Folk
  3. Steven Bowers
  4. Cody Agler
  5. Chris Morgan
  6. Josh Everhart
  7. Kerry Davis
  8. Bill Robison
  9. Jay Bailey
  10. Jason Keim
  11. Anthony Tanner
  12. Josh Henrey
  13. Allen Broers
  14. Justin Johnson
  15. Allen Henrey DNS
  16. Todd Wichman DNS
White Line CDL Training B Mod Feature Results
  1. Dalton Kirk
  2. Brian Murphy
  3. Jack Frost
  4. Richard Prochnow
  5. Dylan Whitehead
  6. Mike Ireland
  7. Dustin Thulin
  8. Aaron Hilderman
  9. David Mason
  10. Derek Huffman
  11. Chase Galvan
  12. John Grist
  13. Billy Sheperd
  14. Shelby Calderwood DNF
  15. Mike Higley DNF
  16. Marty Grist DNF
  17. Heath Murray DNF
  18. Darren Robinson DNF
  19. Mike Eisenhut DNF
  20. Truman Asher DNF
  21. Bobby Penny DNF
  22. Tony Filbert DNF
  23. Steven Goodman DNF
  24. Mike McGinnis DQ
Super 8 @ Forbes Landing Factory Stock Feature Results
  1. Dave Samuels
  2. Joshua Mulich
  3. Tyson Young
  4. Zach Henrey
  5. Matt Field
  6. Steve Herrick
  7. Frank Jaynes
  8. Terry Coder
  9. Josh Stevenson
  10. Bob Troutwine
  11. James King
  12. Dustin Seivers
  13. David Mulvey
  14. Teresa Wolf
Casey's General Store Pure Stock Feature Results
  1. Zachary Henrey
  2. Randy Kohn
  3. Jimmy Millard
  4. Daniel Canady
  5. Sandy Tanner
  6. AJ Christian
  7. Darren Davenport
  8. Dave McLaughlin Jr.
  9. Jeremy Boyles
  10. Steve Stewart
  11. Tyler Hinrichs
  12. Tanner Allensworth