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Fuqua & Henrey Stay Red Hot At HPT.Com Speedway

Fuqua & Henrey Stay Red Hot At HPT.Com Speedway

Topeka, KS - It was an evening full of great racing action at HPT.Com Speedway on Saturday night. Each of the 4 weekly classes did their best to give the fans something to cheer about all night long.

Darron Fuqua started out the season doing well, after starting well he fell off a little bit (ok, he fell off a lot) and now he seems to have it all back in the right direction. Saturday night, Fuqua won the Modified Feature for the 2nd week in a row.

It wasn't just his 2nd win in a row, it was also his 4th win of the season. The win now gives Fuqua the most wins in the class to this point of the season. The big question of that night was did Fuqua change anything from last week to this week?

"I am not real sure anything is the same," said Fuqua, "I am a race car driver, I guess I have to be messing with it all the time."

It seemed that the only thing that was the same was the fact that Fuqua was out in front. The feature event didn't start that way. After winning his heat race an inversion of 6 rows landed Fuqua an 11th starting spot in the main event.

Paul Snyder got out to the early lead. Not only was it an early lead, it was lead that he extended lap after lap.

Fuqua was held up in traffic, but he was slowly moving his way to the front. Snyder looked to be in command until a yellow flag came out just before the halfway point. Once the green dropped it again, it was just the break that Fuqua was needing to mount a charge.

Fuqua blasted by Snyder and sped off to his 4th win of the season.

Snyder finished in the runner-up spot, returning to HPT.Com Speedway and finishing 3rd was Robert Shepard, 4th went to Steven Bowers Jr. and right behind him in 5th was Kerry Davis.

Fuqua isn't the only driver at HPT.Com Speedway to be on a hot streak. Zach Henrey has also found himself in victory lane a few times in 2011. Saturday night was just another day at the office as he finished with his 6th win of the season. (The most of any driver in any class at HPT)

The Berryton, KS driver, Henrey, wasted no time as he ran straight to the 2nd place position and looked to get by another former feature winner, Randy Kohnn.

Kohn laid claim to the top spot, but he had to wonder where the 6 time feature winner was. Kohn would do a fine job in his defense, but in the end it would be Henrey that would win the battle.

Henrey got by Kohn using multiple grooves on the track. As the laps wore down, Henrey got faster. As the checkered flag came down, Henrey celebrated 6th win of the season.

Kohn finished 2nd, 3rd went to Dan Canady, Tyler Hinrichs finished 4th and rounding out the top 5 was Jimmy Millard.

Fans at HPT wondered if Henrey could be the first driver of the season to win two feature events, in two different classes on the same night? Henrey will have to wait and try to answer that one later in the year.

Steve Herrick pulled in two wins back to back earlier last month. The past few races have been to his liking. Herrick was getting pretty familiar with finishing up front each week. Herrick doesn't have to worry about that problem this week, he drove to win number 3 on the season.

It was another one of those exciting races. Henrey jumped out to the lead at the start of this main event. Herrick and Dave Samuels were slowly making their way to the front.

Herrick took the lead from Henrey and set his sights on the finish line and before he could get to the finish line he was going to have to go head to head with Samuels.

After the exciting action last week, this week's races seemed mild. The race still packed in more excitement than most.

Samuels made a run at Herrick. At one point, the two were side by side. Herrick committed himself to the bottom and Samuels tried to make up some time by eating up the high side.

The laps began to wind down and fans knew that this was building to be a fantastic finish. This wasn't the first rodeo for these two veteran racers, who have a good rivalry going.

On the last corner of the night, Samuels drifted out of this line coming out of turn four. It allowed Herrick to race to the checkers first. Another strong race from a competitive field of racers.

A former NCRA modified champion, John Allen, decided to give B Mod racing a try for the first time in his career. Allen was helping someone work the kinks out of their car. What he did was inspire some of the other racers in the class.

Allen started on the pole for the feature. It was all Allen at the front once the green flag dropped. In the early stages of the feature the battle up front looked to be between Allen, Dalton Kirk and Marty Grist.

Several other drivers were also lurking in striking distance. Mike Higley was one of those guys.

A late race restart gave Higley the opportunity to make a run at Allen for the lead. Higley moved up on the track and his car was good. Momentum took Higley by Allen and on to his 2nd win of the season at HPT.Com Speedway.

Dalton Kirk wound up in the 3rd place position, 4th was Bobby Penny and rounding out the top 5 was Jeremy Chambers.

B Mod Feature Results
  1. Mike Higley
  2. John Allen
  3. Dalton Kirk
  4. Bobby Penny
  5. Jeremy Chambers
  6. Marty Grist
  7. Steven Goodman
  8. Dustin Thulin
  9. Brian Murphy
  10. Mike Ireland
  11. Aaron Hilderman
  12. Mike McGinnis
  13. Shelby Calderwood
  14. Richard Prochnow
  15. Dylan Whitehead
  16. Derek Huffman
  17. Heath Murray
  18. Billy Shepard
  19. Jack Frost
  20. Gus Harrison
  21. Darren Robinson
  22. John Grist
  23. Brandon Jones
  24. David Mason
Factory Stock Feature Results
  1. Steve Herrick
  2. Dave Samuels
  3. Zach Henrey
  4. James King
  5. Matt Field
  6. Eric Weyer
  7. Leif Weyer
  8. Bob Troutwine
  9. Frank Jaynes
  10. Clint Hedge
  11. Dustin Seivers
  12. Ken Garcia
  13. Terry Coder
  14. Tyson Young DNS
  15. Teresa Wolf DNS
Pure Stock Feature Results
  1. Zach Henrey
  2. Randy Kohn
  3. Daniel Canady
  4. Tyler Hinrichs
  5. Jimmy Millard
  6. Darren Davenport
  7. Rodney Walker
  8. AJ Christian
  9. Steve Stewart
  10. Jeremy Boyles
  11. Dave McLaughlin Jr.
  12. Tanner Allensworth
Modified Feature Results
  1. Darron Fuqua
  2. Paul Snyder
  3. Robert Shepard
  4. Steven Bowers Jr.
  5. Kerry Davis
  6. Jason Keim
  7. Tom Grist
  8. Josh Everhart
  9. Cody Agler
  10. Chris Morgan
  11. Lyle Shepard
  12. Allen Henrey
  13. Derrick Brown
  14. Josh Henrey
  15. Kyle Covert
  16. Truman Asher
  17. Keith Lewandowski
  18. Bill Robison DNS
  19. Jay Bailey DNS
  20. Zack Gilmore DNS