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Fuqua Gest Win #6, Henery Gets Win #8, Herrick Gets Win #4 & Murphy Picks Off First Win of 2011 At HPT.Com Speedway

Topeka, KS - At times on Saturday night, it almost felt like there was a full moon. It was hard to say whether there was one or not, the cloud cover concealed it. The stuff that happened on the track made it feel like their was a full moon.

Heartland Park Topeka ushered in the holiday weekend with their own patriotic celebration and it was a fun night for all in attendance. Four drivers, in particular, had a great evening as they picked up wins in each of the 4 divisions.

Darron Fuqua has to be the hottest driver at HPT.Com Speedway. In the ultra-competitive modified field, Fuqa has raced his way to 5 wins on the season, that was until tonight. Fuqua rolled to the victory tonight and the win total climbed to 6 on the season.

The modified feature didn't get off to a very good start, but once they got going it turned into a good show. Fuqua battled his way to the front after starting in the 5th row. As he got to the lead, it seemed as if the race would never end. Fuqua stayed patient, working his way through all the yellow flag situations on Saturday night.

A total of 6 wins have come by the hands of Fuqua. The win also put Fuqua in a tie with Cody Agler in the Modified points standings.

Former feature winner, Josh Everhart finished in the 2nd position, Whitey Folk finished in the 3rd position, 4th went to Chris Morgan and rounding out the top 5 was Kyle Covert.

Each week the factory stock class turns in a spectacular race. This week they were no different than any of the other classes.

Last week's winner, Gerald Wahwahsuck, found himself at the point position. Lap after lap it looked as if, Wahwahsuck was going to put down another victory.

Unfortunately for Wahwahsuck, Steve Herrick had other plans. Herric worked his way to the front after starting mid pack. Once he got to the top spot, he rode it out until he found a place where he could pounce. He found it and Herrick motored right by Wahwahsuck.

A total of 5 cars were battling it out to the end. Dave Samuels wound up 2nd, 3rd went to Tyson Young, 4th was Zach Henery and rounding out the top 5 was, James King.

It was another full field of cars for the B Modified division. 31 cars checked in on the night and each was ready to take their turn at the head of the table. After the night was over, it was the former track champion, Brian Murphy, holding off all racers to the finish line.

Murphy, who has been consistent all year long, had yet to win a feature event prior to tonight. From the drop of the green flag it was all Murphy's night, as he went on to the win.

Dalton Kirk, the wonder boy from Gardner, finished 2nd, finishing in 3rd place was Mike Higley, Darren Robinson celebrated his best finish in 4th and finishing in the 5th position on the night was Richard Prochnow.

In the hobby stock feature, it was Zach Henery dominating on the night as he picked up win #8 on the season. It wasn't without a battle. Henery had to shake a few pure stocks in order to take home the win.

Jimmy Millard finished in the 2nd spot, Darren Davenport had a solid outing finishing in 3rd. 4th was the 2nd place in points, AJ Christian and rolling in another top 5 finish was the #17 of Randy Kohn.

Pure Stock - Feature                                       
Start      Finish    Car No Driver    Hometown         
6              1              97Z         Zachary Henery                Berryton, KS       
1              2              0              Jimmy Millard    Topeka, KS          
8              3              85           Darren Davenport           Tecumseh, KS    
4              4              355         AJ Christian         Topeka, KS          
5              5              17           Randy Kohn        Topeka, KS          
9              6              8JR         Dave McLaughlin Jr         Topeka, KS          
11           7              72           Jeremy Boyles   Topeka, KS          
3              8              23           Tyler Hinrichs     Emporia, KS        
7              9              53           Daniel Canady   Topeka, KS          
2              10           14           Sandy Tanner    Topeka, KS          
10           11           5              Steve Stewart   Osage City, KS

B-Mod - Feature                                                              
Start      Finish    Car No Driver    Hometown         
3              1              1M         Brian Murphy    Topeka, KS          
6              2              30           Dalton Kirk          Gardner, KS        
8              3              11           Mike Higley        Tecumseh, KS    
5              4              32           Darren Robinson              Berryton, KS       
1              5              71R         Richard Prochnow           Pomona, KS        
16           6              15           Seth Schroer      Cottonwood Falls, KS     
22           7              66           Kerry Davis         Parkville, MO     
21           8              45           Dustin Thulin      Topeka, KS          
14           9              11C         Bryan Hey           Wellsville, KS      
13           10           73           Truman Asher   St Joseph, MO   
12           11           X1           Tracy Schaefer Topeka, KS          
24           12           K68         David Mason      Ottawa, KS          
15           13           5R           Dillon Rowland Kansas City, KS
19           14           21X         Bill Custer            Kansas Ciy, KS    
20           15           38           Tim Thompson Nortonville , KS                 
9              16           21           Jack Frost            Topeka, KS          
23           17           58           John Grist            Topeka, KS          
7              18           00           Marty Grist         Topeka, KS          
10           19           11M       Mike Ireland      Topeka, KS          
18           20           93           Shelby Calderwood         Topeka, KS          
2              21           22G        Steve Goodman               Meriden, KS       
11           22           65           Aaron Hilderman              Topeka, KS          
4              23           77           Dylan Whitehead             Bonner Springs, KS          
17           24           41           Christopher Dishong       Atchison, KS

Factory Stock - Feature                                                 
Start      Finish    Car No Driver    Hometown         
11           1              5K           Steve Herrick     Topeka, KS          
10           2              72           David Samuels   Tecumseh, KS    
4              3              24           Tyson Young      Americus, KS      
7              4              97Z         Zachary Henery                Berryton, KS       
1              5              60K         James King          Americus, KS      
8              6              33           Josh Stevenson                Emporia, KS        
17           7              37           Justin Seifert      Kansas City, KS
9              8              C15         Eric Weyer          Centralia, KS       
12           9              1N1        Bob Troutwine Topeka, KS          
6              10           42C         Terry Coder        Topeka, KS          
15           11           15           Leif Weyer          Centralia, KS       
3              12           OT          Bobby Tavis        Leavenworth, KS              
18           13           11W       Gerald Wahwahsuck      Hiawatha , KS     
5              14           444         George Bruning                Everest , KS        
16           15           05           Clint Hedge         Bonner Springs, KS          
13           16           333         Alfred Benson   Topeka, KS          
2              17           21G        Ken Garcia          Kansas City , KS                 
14           18           68           Matt Field           Topeka, KS          DNS
19           19           07           Frank Jaynes      Bulingame, KS   DNS
20           20           44           Henry Mabe       Desoto, KS          DNS
21           21           12S         Dustin Sievers   McFarland, KS   DNS

Modified - Feature                                                          
Start      Finish    Car No Driver    Hometown         
10           1              87           Darron Fuqua    Topeka, KS          
4              2              21J          Josh Everhart     Burlingame, KS
21           3              6              Justin Folk           Iola, KS                 
8              4              1X           Chris Morgan     Topeka, KS          
14           5              7D7        Kyle Covert         Topeka, KS          
19           6              87X         Brian MURPHY Topeka, KS          
9              7              77           Cody Agler          Emporia, KS        
13           8              B             Allan Broers        Edgerton, KS      
11           9              68           Kerry Davis         Parkville, MO     
7              10           32           Todd Wichman St Marys, KS       
1              11           97J          Josh Henery       Overbrook, KS   
3              12           5K           Jason Keim         Lawrence, KS     
2              13           05           Tom Grist            Topeka, KS          
20           14           5C           Scott Crystal       Overland Park, KS            
5              15           22           Bill Robison         Topeka, KS          
6              16           96           Danny Barker     Kansas City, KS
16           17           69           Ryan Phillips       Osage City, KS   
15           18           97           Allen Henery      Emporia, KS        
12           19           777         Steven Bowers Jr             Topeka, KS          
18           20           63           Derrick Brown   Meriden, KS       
17           21           04           Jay Bailey             Lyndon, KS