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Fuqua Puts Win #10 In The Books For His Dad, Higley, Henery, Samuels & Layne Also Winners At HPT.Com Speedway

Topeka, KS - Sometimes life isn't easy. In the span of 7 days, Modified driver, Darron Fuqua has been through a lot. It was one week ago that he was speeding around HPT.Com Speedway picking up his 9th win of the season, but on Sunday he found out that his father, former area racer Steve Fuqua, passed away.

Working with grief is tough. It can be safe to say that Fuqua had a lot on his mind this past week. Saturday night, Fuqua put a lot to rest when he stormed to win #10 on the season.

Ten wins in one season is significant. Clint Bowyer, a former track champion at HPT.Com Speedway, reeled off a total of 10 wins back in 2001. Fuqua, with several races left, has reached the magic number of 10 and still has the possibility of more.

"I didn't think I was going to win 10," said Fuqua, "I had hoped. It's been an awesome year, everything has been great."

At the drop of the green flag it looked as if Fuqua's night wasn't going to last. A melee got started when Todd Wichman got crossed up in front of the field collecting several cars.

Once the field got back to racing. Chase Junghans and his brother, Grant, took off at the front of the field.

Chase would hang on to the lead and it looked as if he might end the consecutive win streak of Fuqua's.

"We started fifth row outside and I didn't know if we were going to get there. We were about in a couple of wrecks," said Fuqua after the win, "I could never really find a good line. I was running 4th and it didn't seem like I was catching anyone, it seemed like I was but then I would lose what I had gained."

Fuqua would find his line and slowly start working his way to the front of the field. At the midpoint, Fuqua had made his way to 3rd on the speedway, that's when Junghans decided to make it easy for Fuqua.

Instead of having the battle up front, Junghans would spin coming into turn 4, giving the 2nd spot to Fuqua. That would set up a battle between Fuqua and the current leader Cody Agler, a former feature winner.

Agler and Fuqua put on a battle up front, but Fuqua would gain the lead and upper hand just after the re-start.

Once in the lead, Fuqua would put some distance between himself and the rest of the field. In honor of his father, 3 individuals added extra money to the modified purse. Fuqua was happy to earn that money with a win that his father would have been proud of.

"The success we are having this season is due to the total package," said Fuqua, "I know a lot of people that have a big motor and they have a 3 year old car that they don't know much about or they have just enough to get a good car but not a good motor. This Venom Chassis that we built over the winter, I had a hand in building it, I feel real comfortable in it I feel like I am a part of this car, the motor that my grandpa (Carl Murphy) and Matt Driskell put together runs awesome every week and a good crew. I try to do the best I can."

Steven Bowers Jr. returned from a short hiatus to finish in the 2nd spot, holding on to 3rd would be Agler, 4th went to Shad Badder, after getting caught up in the first wreck of the night, and Chase Junghans would finish in the top 5 in 5th.

As Fuqua rolled to his 5th win of the season, Zac Henery has a great season going in 2011. Henery picked up win number 11 on Saturday night in the Pure Stock division.

Rookie, Tyler Garst, jumped out to the lead on his first night of competition. In the lead Garst would bring the field down for a restart. During the restart it was deemed by track officials that Henery had jumped the start. It meant that he would have to be sent to the back of the field.

Deep in the field Henery put on his thinking cap and went to work. He raced by several drivers each lap until he arrived back at the front half of the field.

A mistake by Garst gave Henery the yellow flag he needed to complete his run to the top spot and win #11. Once Henery was out front, there would be no denying the youngster from Berryton.

AJ Christian finished in the runner-up spot, 3rd went to Tyler Hinrichs, Randy Kohn worked his way to a 4th place finish and in 5th it was Dylan McDonald with his best finish to date.

The B Mod division has seen their ups and downs on the season. Saturday night they showed just how exciting they can make their feature events.

Dalton Kirk and Mike Higley have been battling it out at the top of the points standings for the last month. Saturday night they took that battle to the track as they went 1 and 2 late in the race.

Kirk was hanging on the middle groove of the track and Higley the bottom. Each were hanging onto the line that they felt most comfortable with. Higley, who started 12th in the feature, needed to feel comfortable from the start.

"Patience was a big key here, I have been telling everyone that I had a mental breakdown at the 5th row, said Higley, Anytime that they inverted me to the 5th row or back I had a problem mentally, I DNFed twice. I kept telling myself to be patient."

Patience was the key. Higley rolled up on Kirk and it was Kirk who just got high enough on the race track to loose his momentum. Higley would take advantage of this and went on to his 5th win of the season at HPT.Com Speedway.

The feature event was one of the best races of the night. Several cars battled at the front of the pack. At one point in the race 5 cars were nose to tail and side by side for several laps, before the race worked it's way out.

"As a racer you get real excited in the car and you think the laps are winding down and it's time to go," said Higley, "I got a big run off of two and I was all the way up beside Steven and I knew that we wouldn't fit 3 wide down into turn 3. I backed out, used patience and I was able to get around Steven and Dalton."

Kirk would finish 2nd, 3rd was a strong running Dylan Whitehead, finishing 4th was Steven Goodman and rounding out the top 5 was John Grist.

The start of the Factory Stock feature was a tricky one.

On the opening green flag of the night, pole setter, Tyson Young, started the race a little prematurely. In doing so, he was penalized and sent to the back of the pack.

Steve Herrick, the current points leader, took over the pole position. It wasn't for long as Herrick would suffer the same fate as Young. He started the race to soon and was also sent to the rear of the field.

Many fans in attendance began to wonder if this feature race would every get underway.

Dave Samuels started from the outside the front row. All of the action going on during the first two starts, Samuels sat and waited patiently for the race to get underway.

As the green flag finally waved Samuels moved into the top spot. Gerald Wahwahsuck would give chase.

Wahwahsuck tried to run Samuels down, but couldn't find enough power to go by the black number 72. Each time he would get close to Samuels, Samuels would stretch his advantage back out.

Smooth and consist ant laps drove Samuels to his 7th win of the season in the Factory Stock class. His total wins are the most for any driver in the division this season. The 2010 champion, Samuels, also picked up some valuable points on the points leader, Herrick, with another win.

Wahwahsuck finished 2nd, Eric Weyer drove to a tough 3rd place finish, 4th went to Steve Herrick, all the way from the back, and Zac Henery put together a top 5 finish in 5th.

Bobby Layne won the Midwest Lightning Sprints Chris Murray Memorial Feature on the night.

Dirt Track
Race Results for 8/6/2011

B-Mod - Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
12 1 11 Mike Higley Tecumseh, KS
6 2 30 Dalton Kirk Gardner, KS
10 3 77 Dylan Whitehead Bonner Springs, KS
4 4 22G Steve Goodman Meriden, KS
2 5 58 John Grist Topeka, KS
9 6 00 Marty Grist Topeka, KS
11 7 45 Dustin Thulin Topeka, KS
13 8 1M Brian Murphy Topeka, KS
1 9 5T Rusty Trimble Kansas City, KS
17 10 2 Mike Eisenhut Topeka, KS
19 11 82 Gus Harrison McLouth, KS
5 12 71R Richard Prochnow Pomona, KS
20 13 38 Tim Thompson Nortonville , KS
7 14 41 Christopher Dishong Atchison, KS
15 15 21J Jeremy Bennett Ottawa, KS
16 16 0 Marty Randol Topeka, KS
3 17 21 Jack Frost Topeka, KS
18 18 34B Tony Filbert Topeka, KS
21 19 65 Aaron Hilderman Topeka, KS
14 20 05 Troy Garner Belton, MO
8 21 11C Bryan Hey Wellsville, KS
22 22 K68 David Mason Ottawa, KS DNS

Factory Stock - Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
2 1 72 David Samuels Tecumseh, KS
6 2 11W Gerald Wahwahsuck Hiawatha , KS
9 3 C15 Eric Weyer Centralia, KS
3 4 5K Steve Herrick Topeka, KS
11 5 97Z Zachary Henery Berryton, KS
5 6 15 Leif Weyer Centralia, KS
10 7 07 Frank Jaynes Bulingame, KS
13 8 98 Brandon Crockett Atchison, KS
14 9 44 Henry Mabe Desoto, KS
16 10 1N1 Bob Troutwine Topeka, KS
7 11 12S Dustin Sievers McFarland, KS
22 12 17 Kevin McGinnis Kansas City, KS
12 13 99 David Edwards McLouth, KS
18 14 00 Billy Brehm Kansas City, MO
1 15 24 Tyson Young Americus, KS
17 16 5A Kerry Ayers Kansas City, MO
21 17 88 Scott Hansen Platte City, MO
4 18 42C Terry Coder Topeka, KS
15 19 333 Alfred Benson Topeka, KS
19 20 60K James King Americus, KS
8 21 30 Cliff Hedges Jr Kansas City, MO
20 22 68 Matt Field Topeka, KS DNS

Modified - Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
10 1 87 Darron Fuqua Topeka, KS
12 2 777 Steven Bowers Jr Topeka, KS
5 3 77 Cody Agler Emporia, KS
8 4 73B Shad Badder Oak Grove, MO
2 5 18 Chase Junghans Manhattan, KS
15 6 51 Robert Shepard Odgen, KS
1 7 2 Grant Junghans Manhattan, KS
6 8 69 Ryan Phillips Osage City, KS
20 9 44 Jared Rogers Berryton , KS
18 10 97J Josh Henery Overbrook, KS
16 11 97 Allen Henery Emporia, KS
3 12 04 Jay Bailey Lyndon, KS
17 13 18J Dustin Johnson Kansas City, KS
9 14 21J Josh Everhart Burlingame, KS
14 15 22 Bill Robison Topeka, KS
21 16 44K Kevin Hoeme Tongonaxie, KS
4 17 32 Todd Wichman St Marys, KS
19 18 138X Kevin Hinckle Shawnee, KS
13 19 05 Tom Grist Topeka, KS
7 20 5K Jason Keim Lawrence, KS
11 21 68 Kerry Davis Parkville, MO

Pure Stock - Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
6 1 97Z Zachary Henery Berryton, KS
1 2 355 AJ Christian Topeka, KS
7 3 23 Tyler Hinrichs Emporia, KS
8 4 17 Randy Kohn Topeka, KS
11 5 18 Dylan McDonald Topeka, KS
13 6 72 Jeremy Boyles Topeka, KS
2 7 53T Tyler Garst Topeka, KS
3 8 5 Steve Stewart Osage City, KS
4 9 14 Sandy Tanner Topeka, KS
5 10 0 Jimmy Millard Topeka, KS
10 11 8JR Dave McLaughlin Jr Topeka, KS
12 12 88CT Tanner Allensworth Topeka, KS
14 13 85 Darren Davenport Tecumseh, KS
9 14 53 Daniel Canady Topeka, KS