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Topekan John Boyce has been racing for nearly half of his 60 years and the Factory Stock division has always been his class of choice.

"That bunch has always been fun to run with,'' Boyce said. "I ran the IMCA twice and didn't like it. I got 20th at the state fair the first time I was in it and then we went to Wichita and I made the "A" and I said, "That's it, I'm done.' I didn't like it and I went right back to these.

"Back then all we did was take an old junk motor and put a three-quarter cam in it and go racing.''

Boyce has never won a track championship, but that fact doesn't bother him in the least.

"I've won about seven features all of those years, it's just fun,'' Boyce said. "Points don't mean nothing, I just enjoy it.

Boyce is a truck driver for his profession and spends his spare time working on his car.

"I get home at night and work on this,'' Boyce said. "I'll get home and work on this until about nine.

"I'm just like anybody else. If you ain't got a hobby, you're bored. We used to race three nights a week.'' Boyce doesn't race as much as he used to, but isn't ready to climb out of the driver's seat for good.

"When it gets hot I get out of them because I'm too old,'' he said. "It gets hot, I'm ready to bail out. Then when it cools off, I'll jump right back in it.''

Boyce admits that he sometimes yearns for the old days, when it didn't cost nearly as much to race.

"It used to be everybody helped each other, it was fun,'' Boyce said. "It's all about money now.''

But week after week Boyce keeps coming back to the track.

"What else you gonna do? I'm just out here playing around, having fun.''


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